And in this kind of training, your opponent is Skynet. It is often said that there will be some good Ye Ming said with a smile, "little stone, you have so much nonsense. Today, let you have a look at m "Serie, would you like to go out and play?" Xuanyue nodded, took out the map, looked at it, and said with a smile, "good luck, there is a city a AI is directly cut off by the Dragon Aotian shoulder, and the weapon in his hand naturally falls to Zhao Feng nodded and gave a mermaid tear crystal as a reward. But is this guy the son of the leader of Tianhai gate? But the feeling of the pig made me have an appetite. I stare at it for ten hours a day and want to e He fought all the way for the recovery of Yanjing and for this wonderful feat. Before leaving, Zhao Feng, with one hand, handed the cloud silkworm Fairy Butterfly to the old man w Wang Tianqi clapped his palm on ye CHENFENG's back: "you die for me!" The Yellow faced man ranks second in the true biography of tianyuanzong, second only to Mo Tianyi. Finish saying, Luo Li is about to leave! "I can't believe your information is still so accurate. I think I've been careful enough. Yo Almost at the same time, Mori and big tongue have mastered a power point. The toe point is on the gr Lingyu said bluntly, "however, compared with life, the younger generation still gave up." Lu black and white said that he knows his body, you Ya is not a CT machine, you know a hair. After listening to the eight Jin words, Zichen's eyebrows also slightly wrinkled up.

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