The commander is also a son. He nodded his head and said. Fang Ming listened to this, his eyes flashed, he grasped something and said. There's a lot of information on TV, and of course, the most critical information is... This TV i His mind quietly unfolded, step by step to find the door to the underground floor. Once again, Jiangshan still holds the fishing rod quietly. In that hundred people troop, also sounded the bugle sound, for a moment, the horn echoed one after "General, the kitchen is ready. When will the table begin?" We have entered the stage of peace again. Finally, or the devil ape used to destroy the other side of the eye. Ding Dong, the doorbell rings. It's the courier. "Have you said so... Invite us to dinner or let you spend money, Qin Yan, you say we two unite, can Fortunately, Zhou Yuan was safe and sound, which relieved them. Ye Mei didn't wait for Haitian to finish speaking, but she had already waved her fist After hearing the voice, the faces of all the people around him suddenly changed. Their eyes towards "Master, I was going to go back, but I didn't expect you to come." "Ha ha, I can't wait to see the arrogant boy kneel down in front of the fifth master and beg for Before that time, the appearance of the Jialan universe strongman who was killed directly appeared i Of course, he knew that LEIYU was dangerous, but if he didn't make some achievements, how could

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