Seeing that her arms were covered with scales, Zichen rushed to Lin Chaoyang's "bawangding" inst [fengyuchen] he didn't pay attention to Kuang San and the phantom, but he was called by the pian At the sound of the sound, a huge palm fell, and the young genius who finally made it to the top 64 "Heaven and earth are merciless, and all things are cud dogs..." Jingjie was very angry. Unexpectedly, Tang Yu only took him as a small sewer on his way to repair. I "The demon night sky said:" how possible, how can he get to eat the soul? " Zhao Nan said innocently, "I can't predict these things either..." At this moment, no one knows the grief in his heart. Wang Feng, the unique genius of the Wang family in the county city and the destiny of Wu Sheng, did Although the ancient water made of these creatures is extremely rare, none of them can match the Gol All she knew was that there were about one hundred Yuanying friars in xingluohai, less than lingcang "This is not a legend, fish people will cry. Tears for love, tears for love, blood clotting into tea "Ha ha, I don't like other people to pretend to be heroes in front of me. Aren't you very ha However, there are not many spirit animals in the lake. They are all ordinary fish. The biggest one I've heard that he has an "unreliable" sister. It's said that the relationship between them See how easily huihongxing, who is strong in Taoism, can fan it. "Stop, WA Huang. It's not time for both sides to lose!" "Every great disorder in Wanjie mountain started with the direct collision of several forces. Unexpe

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