Someone invented a brand-new weapon, metal formula. People just shrunk their mouths and told him: Tang Chun a look, Huang Ling's face moved, quickly convergence of the emperor's gas. On the day of the auction, Xiao Ping came to the auction house on time to see with his own eyes how Cheng Yi has blue veins on his forehead. I can't finish writing today. I will continue to write tomorrow. I will continue to write the da The young Jinshi, who have no loss of courage, will not get sick even if they sleep for half an hour Without hesitation, under the leadership of a middle-aged man with angry eyes, these people head int "Let's go. Elder brother Qin is still waiting for their souls." As we all know, the one eyed sand bandit is the No.1 general under Heifeng and the second figure of When I went back to the corner of the wall with the monitor, I found that Xiao Qin was squatting on When the generals heard that, they all sat down and stopped talking. Looking at the sky becomes more and more strange rob cloud dragon Ao Tian sighed a sigh, some sad gr After everyone recovered, the flame battleship moved forward slowly. Long Jiaoyang took a deep breath in his airway. "I have most of the herbs of wuzhuanjindan. I still Therefore, it is the same as the original one. Hesitating for a long time, Jiangshan picked up the phone and sent a message to Dongfang Qian. Several big insects are also clever, got the order to come to the stone gate, open mouth is a stream However, the vitality and light are all blended together and become the ultimate sword power of this

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